Your Way…My Way: Cultural Values for Ministry Workshop

YourWay My WayThere’s your way, and there’s my way! So often we see the world in black and white. The way I do things is right and other ways…well they have to be wrong!

The way we behave is based on our values. What we think is right, important and appropriate comes from our worldview, which is what we believe is true about our world. This is what informs our cultural values and our cultural values in turn influence the way we think and behave.

When we meet someone from another culture, they think and behave differently to us. This can make us uncomfortable because we are experiencing cultural differences between their values and our own. In this course we learn about some key cultural values and explore how they influence our thinking and behavior. We will also consider Chinese cultural values and how they influence the way Chinese people think and behave. Understanding cultural value differences can be a real help in ministering to Chinese people.

This interactive workshop has five 90-120 min sessions. It can be run over two days or spread out over several weeks.

  • I and We – Individual and Group
  • Treat me Special – Rules and Relationships
  • Equal or Not – Power Distance
  • Understanding the Chinese Mind
  • Understanding Chinese Returnees

Please contact us for more information or to arrange running this workshop in your ministry context.

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