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Written by Jane  Updated 21 December 2017

There are many Bible apps available for smartphones. There is a huge variety in what features different apps have, but a few considerations to help get someone started are:

  1. (Obvious) Check the app has the Bible version you want.
  2. Does the app allow for switching between Bible versions?  A big advantage is that if you have multiple versions downloaded, you can switch to the version being used by the group you are currently with.
  3. Do you want the ability to have parallel Bibles open on the one screen, or to swipe between screens? This is useful when, for example, two languages are being read simultaneously.  Simultaneously open Bibles usually scroll together.
  4. Cost – many apps allow free Bible downloads, some allow in-app purchases of different versions.

The choice of apps is very much according to platform and personal preference, and the available options are constantly changing, so a detailed listing is not warranted here.

However, some useful apps are:


App Name Platform Comments
You Version

iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone – allows multiple versions to be downloaded for offline use

– CNVS, CCB, ASV, ESV, KJV, NIV all free

– copyright permission obtained for each version

We Devote ????

iPhone, Android – contains 20 licensed Bible versions, including CUVNP, CCB,   NIV
Holy Bible

iPhone – allows 2 versions to be simultaneously opened and displayed on the one screen

– allows many versions to be simultaneously opened, swiping between screens

– free download of Bibles including CUV, CNV, NIV

– copyright permission unclear

Open Bibles



Android – allows two versions to be simultaneously opened and displayed on one screen

– free download of Bibles, offline use

– copyright permission unclear


Android? from?360????

??? open app store

– fast, has references that are easy to look up

– copyright permissions unclear



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